Industry Interface

We believe education has to be delivered in such a way that it becomes useful and relevant in the real world outside the campus. Our strong relationship with industry helps us to leverage our strengths and create win-win opportunities. These include:

Collaborative Research:

mLAC has taken the initiative to play a lead role in working together with industry and other research bodies. In frontier areas like biotech and life sciences, we have the track record of collaborating with:

  • North Bengal University, Siliguri
  • Chan Re Diagnostics Lab, Bangalore
  • Apsara Innovations
  • Kumaun University, Nainital
  • CLC Bio
  • Chan Re Rheumatology & Immunology Centre and Research, Bangalore
  • Bangalore Endocrinology & Diabetic Research Centre (BEDRC), Bangalore
  • Karnataka Medical Research Foundation (KMRF)

Internship and Placement:

We assist all our students to find placement opportunities that are a right fit for their abilities. We are in constant dialog with industry to showcase the potential of our students. For several years now, the college has been a regular source of fresh talent for reputed organizations in the field of IT, FMCG and Banking.

Entrepreneurship Development Centre:

A nation’s destiny can be defined by the dynamism of its entrepreneurs and the quality of their ideas. As Dr. Kalam said, β€œAn entrepreneur becomes a job provider, rather than a job seeker. And in the process, takes responsibility to create greater value.” In association with the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), we encourage and facilitate students from arts, commerce, science and management to become entrepreneurs.

To make these possible, we are in continuous touch with industry and other bodies.