The department of psychology was established in the year 2006. This subject was offered along with the Sociology and Social Work courses. From the academic year 2009-10, psychology is being offered with Journalism and Sociology. Recently from the academic year 2013-2014, psychology is offered with Botany and Zoology. The objectives of the department are to provide a environment that is “learner centric”, to provide value based education, to help students communicate effectively, to sensitize students regarding various contemporary psychological

The department has a well-equipped laboratory with all the necessary standardized tests on intelligence, personality dimensions, interests, aptitudes, etc. The department has always been striving to update the students regarding the new developments in the field by inviting experts to conduct seminars and workshops.

One of the most important roles the department plays is that it offers psychological support to the students and parents. Individual sessions with parents are regularly conducted. Confidential counseling is offered to any student of the college who requires emotional support.

To summarize, the department of psychology while promoting academic excellence, also emphasizes on holistic personal development of the students.

Foundation course on health psychology and Learning disabilities is started in the academic year September 2018 and 2019

  • Seminar in ‘Early intervention for developmental disabilities’
  • Seminar in ‘Industrial Psychology – Employment opportunities’
  • “Human Sexuality and Personal Safety” by Ms.Neha Raju,Enfold India
  • Communication skills by resource persons from Richmond Fellowship Society
  • ‘Face Reading Workshop’ by Zane Cuxton
  • “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” By Gautham
  • “Storytelling as a form of therapy”
  • Workshop conducted on “Hypnosis” by California Hypnosis Institute of India
  • Seminar on “Positive Psychology” by NIMHANS
  • Exhibition and demonstration of psychological tests by our students

Psukhey- The Psychological Forum formed in the year 2011 started off with a psychology fest in which many colleges participated. The Department of Psychology conducted the 2nd edition as the Psychology fair Psukhey 2 and 3 in 2013 and 2019 respectively. The theme of the event was “Emergence of the Self” and “Journey within” The exhibition received an overwhelming response with numerous visitors displaying interest in areas of concern such as mental health issues and child abuse.Over 80 students worked enthusiastically towards this event, under the leadership of Ms.Mercy John and Ms Maanasa Murthy of the Department of Psychology.


Hasn’t this pandemic taken a toll on our social life? Perhaps the lockdown has left us with a feeling of locked out from the world we’ve known! Wouldn’t it be reassuring in these trying times to know that we’re not lost, that we can rediscover ourselves ? This need to encourage people to re-connect with themselves, navigate the new normal and recognize the strengths of one’s character, inspired us to create a safe space for our fellow students. We work towards providing opportunity to express unfiltered thoughts and thereby develop one’s individuality. Querencia, our labour of love, is a platform to facilitate creative expression, understand and uncover one’s highest potential.

Authorized and Reinforced by our Respected Madam, Dr. Shashikala A., Principal, mLAC(Autonomous),“QUERENCIA” is a space “To Be You,” a space as safe as home. This is an initiative by the Department of Psychology, which is thoroughly “By the students, for the students”.

Our journey began under the guidance of our respected teachers Prof. Mercy Padma Vinod, HOD of Psychology and Prof.. Maanasa Hegde, with a collective effort of our 12 Facilitators i.e Core Team of Psychology students. Degree students from all the streams were introduced to this space of ours and through continuous online interactions in the span of a week; ideas, notions and learnings were communicated amongst the group.

Keeping the current pandemic situation in mind, A WhatsApp group was created on 15th May 2021, through which we employ our objectives. After our first round of presentations and invitations, we garnered an astounding response. As we shared the link to join the group just after finishing our presentation, we received an overwhelming response . How prodigious is it to have over 250 students eagerly waiting to join a supportive and open group like this?

Discussions on various psychological and practical topics were held on a daily basis allowing the students to express their perspectives, freely and unjudged.

Having several ideas to conduct, such as:

  • To developing insight
  • To discover oneself
  • To instil hope
  • To promote mutual support
  • To improve communication skills
  • To cope with stress
  • To develop time management skills
  • To boost self-esteem
  • To improve decision making
  • To manage anxiety
  • To develop resilience
  • To develop self awareness
  • To identify one’s talent

Many of these were fulfilled within a span of a month. Various mind booster activities were conducted on regular weekends which stole the limelight with maximum participation. This outcome taught us that there are many who want a safe and relaxing space that can tune out all other negative notions.

  • A webinar was conducted titled ‘Introduction to Clinical Trials’ by the speaker Mr. Ramcharan A. An informative session on ‘How a medical tablet, tonic or equipment’s are tested?’, ‘Govt. was talking about trials, what does that mean?’, ‘Meaning of efficacy’, ‘Who gives approval for medicines?’, ‘What are the career opportunities?’, And many more was discussed during the webinar.
  • “Meet and Greet”, a small casual virtual meet with all the students of Querencia was held to get to know each other on 19th June 2021. After a round of ice breaker activities, the students were happy to meet each other and expressed various things unboundedly.
  • Most of the students were uncomfortable opening up in the group publicly, by the fear of being judged and various other reasons. Hence, we formulated an idea of reaching out to the students individually to get to know them better and assure them of contant support here on and letting them know they can approach us whenever in need.
  • 5 Facilitators out of 12 volunteered for this task. We began “One on One” conversations with the students on 25th June 2021. Eventually the students were constantly in search of ways to express themselves freely and we were flooded with positive feedback of their experience with “QUERENCIA”.

We are proud that our mission of instilling hope and positivity is aiding students to evolve into the best version of themselves. QUERENCIA, a space where students can exchange synergies and learn from one another, has been a huge success. Although our activities are online for now (due to current pandemic), we have plans for many more invigorating and refreshing activities (Online and offline) that will serve as a path of enlightenment and self- discovery for the students.

Other Highlights

Final year students of 2012-13 participated in the workshop organized by NIMHANS wellbeing centre under the guidance of Dr. Seema Mehrotha , they became active members of the” youth-pro” group , whereby the students took initiative to spread awareness of positive health in the campus, by putting up various motivating thoughts on notice board.

Inhouse research was conducted by the Final Year students to study the metaphysical relationship
between mind and body.

Students have interned at the following organizations

  • Amrita Vani School for Physically Challenged
  • Manipal Hospital
  • Aruna Chetana
  • Kilikili
  • Asha Centre for Autism
  • TAMAHAR Institution for Mentally Retarded children
  • India Literacy Project (ILP)


BA Psychology, Journalism, Sociology


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B.Sc. Psychology, Botany, Zoology


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