The Journey

Back in 1972, few would have imagined the significance of our journey. The future seemed uncertain. There were challenges in every facet of the organization. Attracting students and good faculty were the basic twin challenges. And resource mobilization was always going to be the key.

The first year saw a trickle: 4 students. It improved marginally to 12 the next year. Year-on-year, the numbers began to increase. 40+ years down the timeline, over 4,000 students are happy to be here doing things they cherish.

This seamless growth of the institution is a testimony to the successful organization building by the leadership over time.

Obviously, the initial years mattered. The founding members were committed to building an institution on the strong foundation of core values – excellence, integrity, responsiveness, team work and inclusivity.

Former Presidents/ Chairpersons

Dr. K. N. V. Sastri

Founder Director

Dr. M. N. Mahadevan

Founder President

Shri T. S. Rajam

Founder Vice President

Shri N. Krishnan

President (1978-82)

Shri S. V. Rangaswamy

President (1982-96)

Shri W. S. Venkateshwaran

President (1996-2001)

Shri Kumar Mahadevan

Chairman (2001-13)

Padma Vibhushan
Prof. Roddam Narasimha

Chairman (2013-20)

Timeline of Courses

Years Courses
2019 B.Com (Accounting & Finance)
2014 Bachelor of Vocational Degree Programme
Computer Science, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies -CEBA
Political Science, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies -PEBA
2013 Psychology, Botany Zoology (PBZ) – UG
Ph.D programme – Biotechnology
2011 B.S Course
BT Finishing School
2010 Mobile Learning
2009 Statistics, Computer Science, Business studies, Accountancy (SCBA) – PUC
Genetics, Botany, Biochemistry (GBBC)
Psychology, Journalism, Sociology (PJS)
2008 Computer Networking – UGC Add-on course
2007 Social Science Research Centre
Language Lab
Communicative English – UGC Add-on course
2006 Psychology, Social Work, Sociology (PSS)
M.Sc.- Biochemistry
2005 Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology (PEPS) – PUC
M.A – Kannada
UGC Sponsored Add-on Courses
2004 M.Sc – Biotechnology
Placement Centre
2003 Women Development Centre
2002 Chemisty, Botany, Biotechnology (CBBT) -UG
Vocational courses
2000 Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) – UG
1999 Biochemistry, Zoology, Microbiology (BCZMB) – UG
1998 Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
1996 Optional Kannada, Sociology, Political Science (KSP) – B.A
Basic Maths, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy (MECA) – PU
1988 Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science (PMC) – B.Sc.
1987 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science (PCMC) – PU
1985 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
1983 Economics, Logic, Accountancy, Business Studies (ELAC) -PU
1976 History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology(HEPS) – PU
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (PCMB) – PU
1975 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) – B.Sc
1973 History, Economics, Political Science (HEP) – BA
Chemistry, Botany, Zoology (CBZ) – B.Sc
1972 History, Economics, Political Science (HEP) – BA