Exam Overview

In an autonomous college, examination is the nerve center of the institution. Fair, unbiased and smooth conduct of the examination, evaluation and declaration of results is a pre-requisite for ensuring quality Teaching-Learning. Examinations play the most important role in testing students’ performance and eligibility for further education / placement.

Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women is affiliated to Bengaluru Central University and recognized by UGC under section 2(f) and 12(b) of the UGC act 1956.

The institution formulates widest choice of academic curriculum as per the needs of the industry and new developments in the various fields. The examination for the autonomous courses is conducted by the Institution.

The Examination Section is headed by the controller of examinations.

As one of the most integral parts of our institution, the Examination Section ensures that students are well-versed in their fields of interest through the implementation of empirical evaluation methodologies.


  • To process and manage examinations as per the regulations and the academic calendar in line with the statutory and regulatory bodies.
  • To create awareness of assessment process and practices to the students and the faculty.
  • To conduct the End Semester Exams/Supplementary Exams for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs and declare results.
  • To prepare notification of End Semester Exam Timetable at least 3 weeks before the commencement of exams.
  • To facilitate the constitution of Board of Examiners with Heads of Departments
  • To manage Centralized valuation
  • To constitute the Vigilance Squad for smooth conduct of exams
  • To constitute the Malpractice Enquiry Committee functioning under the guidance of COE
  • To ensure the process of awarding Degrees for various programmes adhering to agreed timelines and the University regulations.


Internal Assessment (IA)

  • For each semester, there will be two tests of one-and-a-half-hour duration for UG & PG. The tests will be held in the month of August and September for odd semesters and in March and April for even semesters.
  • No re-test will be given for the IA Test. However in special cases where the student represents the college in activities like NCC, NSS and sports during the test period, they shall be given a retest, provided they are deserving candidates.

Maximum and Minimum marks in IA

  • For subjects with maximum marks of 100, the maximum IA marks is 50.
  • For subjects with maximum marks of 70, the maximum IA marks is 30.
  • For practical papers, the maximum IA marks is 15.
  • There are no minimum Internal Assessment marks.

End-Semester Examinations (ESE)

  • The examination for the theory as well as practical courses is held at the end of the semesters.
  • The duration of ESE is 3 hours but may vary for certain courses.
  • ESE for theory subjects will be conducted for 100 or 70 marks.
  • ESE for Practical subjects will be conducted for 35 marks (for UG) and 70 marks for PG.
  • Students may be allowed only a 2-year period, beyond the normal period, to clear the backlog papers and be qualified for the Degree. No student shall be given the time beyond the extended period of 2 years.

Attendance & Minimum for Pass


  • 75% attendance is mandatory in each theory/Practical paper to take up the End Semester Examination (ESE).
  • A student who is not eligible to write the semester examination has to repeat the semester.
  • A maximum of 5 marks are awarded to the candidate based on the following attendance percentage:
Attendance Percentage Marks
95% – 100% 5 Marks
90% – 94% 4 Marks
85% – 89% 3 Marks
80% – 84% 2 Marks
75% – 79% 1 Marks

Minimum for Pass

  • No minimum marks required for Internal Assessment as well as for Co-curricular & Extra-curricular Activities.
  • A candidate shall be declared passed only if she secures a minimum of 25 marks out of a maximum marks of 70 or 35 marks out of a maximum of 100 marks in the End Semester Theory, as well as a minimum of 40% overall, including End Semester Theory and IA.
  • The minimum for Pass in the End Semester Practical Examination is 12 marks out of a maximum of 35 as well a minimum of 40% (20 out of 50) overall, including End Semester Practical and IA.


For UG

For PG

  • As there is double valuation for all the End Semester papers of the PG Courses, the photocopies of the answer scripts are not available. However the facility of revaluation of papers is available.


Semester results will be announced within 30 days of completion of the last exam.

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Exam Documents

Students who have completed the Degree course can apply for Transfer Certificate, Conduct Certificate & Provisional Degree Certificate and those desiring to do higher education in other Universities can apply for Migration certificate along with the above mentioned ones.

Convocation Degree Certificate

Students need to apply for the Convocation Degree Certificate.

Bangalore University Notification

Bengaluru City University Notification

Students of 2018 Batch onwards are affiliated to Bengaluru City University (BCU). They need to check the BCU website for details regarding Convocation Degree Certificate.

Convocation Fee Notification

Examination Notifications

Date Title Type Download
20/09/2021 4th Semester PG Results – Aug 2021 PDF Download
03/09/2021 Notification for V Semester Special Supplementary Examinations, Sep 2021 PDF Download
03/09/2021 V Semester UG Special Supplementary Exam Timetable, Sep 2021 PDF Download
03/09/2021 V Semester Special Supplementary Examination fee structure PDF Download
14/08/2021 Revaluation Notification of I Semester PG – Aug 2021 PDF Download
26/07/2021 Revised Notification on Even Semester Examinations – Aug/Sep 2021 PDF Download
26/07/2021 6th Sem UG Revised End Exam Timetable – Aug 2021 PDF Download
26/07/2021 4th Sem UG Supplementary End Exam Timetable – Aug 2021 PDF Download
26/07/2021 2nd Sem UG Supplementary End Exam Timetable – Aug 2021 PDF Download
26/07/2021 4th Sem PG Revised End Exam Timetable – Aug 2021 PDF Download